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    OnlinePrachar - It is a package that give you the Solution to manage Election as well as Online Web Identity for more voter presence. The OnlinePrachar team understands the unique challenges faced by electoral candidates today and has built an online election campaign service.

    At OnlinePrachar we have aggregated all the best technologies in the world. We provide them to candidates and political parties to help change democracy and increase political participation.

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    • Responsive Website Design
    • Search Engine Opt. SetUp
    • Social Media SetUp

    • Internet Presence Via
      Social Media & Related Tools
    • Paid Internet Advt.
      (Fb, Twitter, Google)
    • Website Activity Maintenance
    • Android Application

    • Dedicated E-Manager
    • Virtual Activists and Supporters

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  • Services - Details

    Responsive Website:

    A fully Responsive and Attractive Website to be in Touch with all your Supporters throughout the Election Campaign and Further Too Your campaign website is a reflection of your campaign. A great campaign site makes your organization looks larger, puts your message out there for voters and gives you a platform for online Promotion.

    SEO Set Up :

    Search Engine Optimization for your website to keep in top Rankings of Major Search Engines Like Google.com , Yahoo.com, Bing.com.

    Social Media Set Up:

    Complete Profile Set up On Major Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ etc.

    Internet Presence via Social Media and Related Tools:

    Daily Updates on Social Media Platforms to generate Maximum Online Followers / Supporters

    Website Maintenance:

    Keeping your Website Up to Date with Latest Gossips / News / Updates about Election Campaign

    Android Application:

    An Impressive / Interactive Android Application to showcase your full Profile and Keep all your Volunteers Connected.

    Paid Internet Advertising (Facebook / Google /Twitter etc):

    Well Optimised Paid Advertising campaigns to grow all our Promotion Channels Quickly

    Dedicated e – Manager:

    A Special Dedicated resource allocated to handle all your Campaign Full time.

    Virtual Supporters (कार्यकर्ते / Volunteers) :

    Virtual Team of Volunteers to Keep the word of Mouth Stream constantly live on every platform.